Appointments during the Corona time

The following should be noted:

  • The group practice Warteckhof is open during normal office hours.
  • The patient frequency is reduced to ensure the social distancing rules and to keep the waiting time short in the practice as directed by the BAG.
  • There are several waiting rooms.
  • Wearing a surgical mask is mandatory in the practice. Each patient receives a surgical mask at the reception.
  • Each patient has to disinfect their hands when entering the practice. Disinfectants are available for you in the practice.
  • Whenever possible please come without an accompanying person in order to avoid large crowds in the practice.
  • Patients who suffers from symptoms that may indicate a coronavirus infection (such as cough, fever, body aches, flu-like sensations, shortness of breath, disturbed sense of smell) need to do first a Corona smear test in the official Corona diagnostic center at the Klinikum 1 of the University Hospital Basel. In the moment we can only receive patients in the practice if the COVID-19 result is negative.